Sewer repair works are starting on 08/02/2021.

A rolling road closure will be in place on North Allington from the junction to West Allington to the junction to Hospital Lane to allow for 4 separate sections of open cut taking place from 08/02/2021 – 12/03/2021. The rolling road closure will allow us to occupy a specific section of road at one time to allow us to carry out these works. I have included the dates below highlighting the section of road we will be occupying for each section as per the plan.

Site 13 – North Allington full road closure from house No 65 to 73 from 08 Feb to 16 Feb.

Site 12 – North Allington full road closure from house No 71 to 119 from 17 Feb to 24 Feb.

Site 9 – North Allington full road closure from house No 135 to 166 from 24 Feb to 03 Mar.

Site 7 – North Allington full road closure from house No 166 to 170 from 03 Mar to 10 Mar.

Welcome to the Allington Parish website. The purpose of this site is to publicise the work of your Parish Council with the aim of encouraging involvement and therefore local democracy. Parish and town councils are the grass-roots of local government. They are local authorities and although they have a limited number of statutory duties, they do, have wide powers, should they decide to use them and they may, with agreement of the District or County Council, exercise certain functions normally carried out by those councils. By becoming involved the local community can directly affect how these powers are implemented.
We encourage the people of Allington to attend Council Meetings as observers and we are obliged to organise at least one parish meeting a year to which all local electors are invited to attend and may raise issues of local concern. If you have any queries, observations or suggestions about your local area, please use the contact form which will be sent directly to the Parish Clerk, Mrs Amy Stephenson.

About Allington

Allington has been a small hamlet since the 1200s it is bordered now by Symondsbury, Bridport, Bradpole and Dottery parishes. In recent years Allington has seen the advent of several new developments at each end of the parish. Whilst these new buildings do not overshadow the historic buildings of Allington. The Pack Bridge at Pymore, the historic church St. Saviour’s Dottery with its ancient iron roof. 15 footpaths go through Allington, and we have Allington Hill a local landmark where in 1262 Sir William De Legh paid one old penny for every corpse with leprosy to be buried within Bridport Cemetery.

The B3162 goes through part of Allington as well as the old A35. The River Simene is part of our parish. We have a farm shop which is licensed, Washingpool Farm on the B3162 selling local produce. Bridport Community Hospital is in Allington this hospital built on the site of the old Isolation Hospital had the topping out ceremony held when Cllr. Lathey was Mayor of Bridport.

Latest Updates

Watton Hill proposed development

Please follow the link for more information on this proposal

Agenda September 2020

You are invited to the Parish Meeting of Allington Parish Council to be held in Cherry Tree Communal Room on Tuesday 8th September 2020. Meeting to commence at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the following business. Signed: A Stephenson Date: 30 August 2020Clerk...

Meeting Minutes June 2020

Given below are the minutes of the extraordinary parish council meeting of the above parish council held online on 25th June 2020 PRESENT: Cllr, Lathey, Cllr Wrighton, Cllr Gay, Cllr Bowditch, Cllr Trott, Cllr Beer. Mrs A Stephenson recorded the minutes 1. EXTERNAL...